Transforming relationships with Japanese HCPs

For a global brand to nurture relationships with an audience in a distinct market, it takes a mix of universal best practice and local understanding.

Client and challenge

Our client, a global pharmaceutical brand, wanted to change their relationship with Japanese healthcare professionals (HCPs). They needed a digital strategy with a unique local approach based on an in-depth understanding of the needs and behaviours of Japanese HCPs.

We built a bespoke digital portal to provide valuable resources, such as product information and clinical results, which helped our client grow and nurture their relationships with Japanese HCPs We also worked with our client to give their teams the capabilities needed to continue engaging this essential audience on an ongoing basis.

Our solution

Step 1: Delivering insights through digital research

The foundations of our digital strategy was a deep understanding of our core audience, including:


Variations in digital engagement models and best practices in the Japanese market

The language Japanese HCPs use to search for products and support

The size and shape of the search opportunity

The business case for developing a new HCP platform

Step 2: A new HCP portal with SEO at its core

When our client was ready to develop their new HCP portal, we collaborated with their developers, ensuring that strategic search engine optimisation (SEO) requirements were integrated into the build and content development.

With a flexible, supportive approach we were able to tweak typical development protocols throughout the build and make sure that the project met key milestones and search objectives.

We made sure that the project met key milestones and search objectives.

Step 3: Reporting and performance data

The organisation’s new HCP portal needed accurate, insightful and reliable data on web performance.

We worked with stakeholders on a detailed measurement review, and built a new measurement framework and approach to content tagging. Providing detailed Adobe Analytics tracking specifications to development partners and custom reporting dashboards in Adobe Workspace set our HCP portal up for long-term success.

The new HCP portal launched with a tailored Adobe Analytics setup, giving stakeholders across the organisation on-demand access to performance data.

Step 4: Building team and digital capabilities

We enabled ongoing success by developing processes and documentation to upskill team members and reduce the requirement for agency support.

This includes:

Scripts for organisation-level e-learning content

High-level and detailed documentation covering SEO, tracking configuration, content tagging and digital analytics best practice

Our results

After completing the migration, the new portal recorded a 47% increase in organic traffic.

Organic performance has continued to grow site-wide. Most notably, two key brands have seen significant increases in organic performance due to improved SEO, the optimized web platform and strategic content production.


visits in 2022 compared to 642K in 2020 – 47% increase


brand 1 up 40% (33K), brand 2 up 81% (59.5K) in 2022 vs 2021

For this forward-thinking client, ongoing success is important. We continue to support them with:

  • Access to a reliable dataset provided by a custom Adobe Analytics setup
  • A comprehensive reporting suite created in Adobe Workspace for robust analysis and insights
  • Extensive capability documentation including SEO, analytics, and tracking to enable long-term, sustainable success

All this means that our client can continue to grow their relationships with Japanese HCPs for years to come.

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