Our impact

Our journey to becoming a force for good.

We believe that to be a progressive and sustainable business that connects people with brands that make life healthier, we must balance the interests of people, planet and profit.

It’s a challenge that cuts to the heart of our values. We have a responsibility to do good, to use our power to create positive impact, and to model the change we want to see. And as a proudly independent agency, we have the freedom to do things differently.

Earning our B Corp certification

To hold ourselves to our beliefs, we’re on the journey to become a B Corp – a certification that designates the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

As part of this journey, we’re transforming our approach in five key areas:

How we govern our business

How we manage our team and culture

How we serve our clients

How we interact with our community

How we manage our environmental impact

Our commitment to sustainability

We know we want to do good, but we also know that we can’t solve everything. That’s why our sustainability strategy is centered around two core sustainable development goals.

1. Good health and wellbeing
This is reflected in our core purpose – to connect people with brands that make life healthier.

2. Decent work and economic growth
We’re aiming to build a fair and equitable workplace with inclusive, sustainable and productive growth.

Our steps so far

  • Providing opportunities for Everybody to help health and wellness brands achieve the change they are striving for
  • Balancing the interests of people, planet and profit while running a progressive, fast-growing and successful marketing agency
  • Reimagining marketing through insight, ideas, activation and optimization
  • Reducing our carbon impact by 42% by 2030
  • Committing to be net zero by 2050

Ultimately, we want to not only support happier, healthier lives for all – we also want to show that it’s possible to do business in a way that’s better for everyone (not just shareholders). We hope more businesses will join us in the mission.

Our impact so far