Supporting patients through insight-led resources

Supporting healthcare providers to meet the needs of diverse patient groups with valuable, scientifically-backed resources requires an in-depth understanding of the patient experience.

Client and challenge

Our global pharmaceutical client wanted to help healthcare professionals (HCPs) around the world meet the needs of patients with complex immunological conditions. They were seeking a way to help patients from a wide range of backgrounds manage chronic, life-changing conditions through practical, scientifically-backed advice.

To produce resources that could improve the lives of patients required both in—depth behavioural insights into international audiences and a content creation team who could balance the legal and compliance requirements with the needs of real patients.

Our solution

We analysed a huge amount of data across our client’s channels and markets to identify the most pertinent insights for the treatment areas.

We completed research and social listening in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East to understand the cultural, religious, socio-economic and location-based differences that affect how patients respond to medical advice.

We found that much of the available research is based on white males in UK/USA – revealing a lack of understanding about the experiences of the full spectrum of patients. So we gathered advice from local market doctors on working around cultural factors and countering misinformation.

Much of the research is based on white males in UK and USA

Once armed with insight, we created content that answered the most crucial wellbeing needs of these audiences. We took into account cultural differences in lifestyle and disease management, as well as the need for these resources to be localised for different markets. We created a new sub-branded design that’s now standard for patient-facing materials across our client’s immunology and inflammation departments around the world.

We took into account cultural differences in lifestyle and disease management

The resources we delivered support patients across a range of issues, including:

Mental wellbeing for patients with chronic illnesses, specifically dermatological and rheumatological conditions.

Specific patient needs such as cosmetic advice for patients with atopic dermatitis (eczema) and information on fasting for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Condition-specific diet, exercise and travel advice for patients with chronic diseases.

Disease awareness and management advice that considers cultural factors, such as the influence of religion and community on patient wellbeing.

Our results

Patients who are educated about their condition and feel supported by their healthcare provider make better decisions about their treatment and experience better outcomes overall[1]. And while the symptoms of a disease may be similar, different patients can have very different experiences.

With our insights into the varied ways that chronic conditions impact patient quality of life, we’ve created a set of practical and scientifically-backed resources based on real patient experience. These tools are helping HCPs support patients with a broad range of needs and improving the ways patients and doctors work together to manage chronic conditions.

[1] Hibi T, Panaccione R, Katafuchi M, et al. The 5C Concept and 5S Principles in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management. J Crohns Colitis. 2017;11(11):1302-1308.

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