Pharma sites and drug information: what do HCPs really think?

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Our report brings together survey data from over 1,000 HCPs to provide a deeper understanding of what HCPs want from drug information and pharma-owned sites.

With 50% of HCPs using pharma-owned sites at least twice a year, and more than half of respondents increasing their usage since the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to focus on this important channel for brand engagement.

Pharma-owned websites play a greater role post-COVID

More than half of respondents reported a change in their usage of pharma-owned websites as a result of the pandemic, representing a greater opportunity for HCP engagement.

What HCPs want

The most sought-after content includes information on prescription decisions and drug administration.

Regional differences

France, Germany and Spain lead the way in terms of overall usage of pharma-owned websites. However, even in the UK (which has the lowest figures), 40% of HCPs report using pharma-owned sites at least twice a year.

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